If you are interested in hosting a WACYPAA in your area, your committee will need to present a bid packet to Advisory at the next conference. Your bid packet will be a presentation of the eleven bid requirements. For guidance on how to create a bid packet check out our Bid Committee Packet. Please use us as a resource to help you put together your bid packet and work with you on getting the strongest possible hotel proposals. Bid committees typically send us their hotel proposals months in advance for us to look over so that we can give you some feedback. Feel free to email us.

Bid Requirements

  1. Each bidding committee must have at least three AA members who have been continuously sober for a minimum of one year.
  2. Bidders must have commitments from at least two appropriate facilities (Hotels, Universities, Convention Centers, Gymnasiums, etc.) so sized as to accommodate the entire conference. Please include proposed dates for the conference and a showing of available meeting space. The cost of the facility must be included. Bidders must provide information regarding housing for attendees, including cost and accessibility to the proposed conference site. If awarded the conference, the host committee agrees to have a signed contract within 45 days.
  3. Bidders must provide a permanent mailing address for their committee, and if available provide an email address also.
  4. A letter of assurance from a local AA service body (district, intergroup, etc.) and state YPAA conference advisory council, if applicable, that no large scale AA activity will be held in the proposed general service area within a period of 30 days before, and 30 days after the proposed conference dates, is required.
  5. Please demonstrate how the bid committee has been involved with General Service (some have chosen to get a letter of support, or to show how their group was active in area or district service).
  6. Bid committees should be able to demonstrate financial autonomy and responsibility, within the spirit of the 12 Traditions of AA.
  7. Bidders must show the WACYPAA Advisory Council that they have compiled the necessary research to determine the effects that Federal, State, Provincial, and/or local taxes would have on the proposed conference.
  8. If awarded the conference, the new host committee must agree that all proceeds, after conference and “core” advisory expenses and donations of up to 25% of the remaining proceeds to AA service bodies in their area, 75% will be turned over to the WACYPAA Advisory Council for their disposition following the conference.
  9. Bids can take no longer than 20 minutes to present.
  10. Please draft a statement illustrating the reasons why you wish to host a WACYPAA in your area.
  11. Bidders must demonstrate how the bid committee has outreached the WACYPAA conference to AA in and out of their area throughout the current calendar year.

For guidance on how to create a bid packet check out our Bid Committee Packet.