Advisory Council

We, the members of the WACYPAA Advisory Council, are a rotating body of past WACYPAA Host Committee members whose purpose is to serve as guardians of the conference. We take a proactive roll in assisting the current Host Committee throughout the duration of the conference, and actively assist with the financial welfare of the conference. We place ourselves at the disposal of the current Host Committee and all Bid Committees who wish to bring the WACYPAA to their area. We aim to be a strong resource to both Bid Committees and the Host Committee, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about WACYPAA.

The most important job the Advisory Council has is to encourage participation in our conference among the members of Alcoholics Anonymous in the scope of the Conference. This means we are actively encouraging AA members to attend, as well as to inspire the formation of Bid Committees to bid for the conference.

Check out our bylaws to see how we operate!


Name Position Conference Territory
Mike Chair Hawaii Island, HI Hawaii, Idaho, Alberta, Utah
Leigh Co-Chair Hawaii Island, HI Hawaii, SoCal, Colorado, British Columbia
Ryan Treasurer Las Vegas, NV Nevada, Montana, N. Dakota, S. Dakota
Melisa Co-Treasurer Las Vegas, NV Nevada, SoCal, New Mexico, Nebraska
Kelli Secretary Tucson, AZ Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho
Marisa Bylaws Chair Hawaii Island, HI Hawaii, SoCal, Alaska, Colorado
Alexander Webmaster Denver, CO Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah
Dorian Non-Host Native American/First Nations Liaison Non-host Western Region First Nations
Neal Non-Host Mexican National Liaison Non-host Mexico
Kirk Archivist Las Vegas, NV Nevada, Alberta, Texas, Washington
Chet Outreach Portland, OR Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, British Columbia
Teresa Native Liaison Portland, OR Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana
Coyote Non-Host Native American/First Nations Liaison Alt. Hawaii Island, HI Native American/First Nations Area Wide
Ann Member Portland, OR Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arizona
Dave Member Sacramento, CA NorCal, Wyoming Oklahoma, Yukon Territory
Zak Member Sacramento, CA NorCal, Kansas, Nebraska, Yukon Territory
Merrillee Member Sacramento, CA NorCal, Kansas, Oklahoma, N. Dakota